Wind energy boom

Romania is the wind energy leader in Central and Eastern Europe, according to a document released at the international conference “Policies for green economic growth in the Balkans.”, in Sofia.  Helped by state subsidies, the Romanian industry of wind energy is facing a boom: the installed capacities are growing 10 times over the last couple of years (Bucharest Herald) .

Other information about economy in Romania:

  • GOOD NEWS:  Romania is more attractive than Hungary, Bulgaria or Ukraine for investments, the German companies say. Otherwise, the German investors believe Central European and Baltic states are more interesting than Romania. At the end of last year, German investments to Romania counted 5.6 bill. Euros, according to Romania-Insider.
  • BAD NEWS: The foreign direct investments in Romania are down 10 %. According to National Bank of Romania data, the amount for the first 4 months of 2012 is 446 mil. Euros, down from 490 mil Euros reported in the first four months of 2011, according to Nine o’ clock.

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