Former PM sentenced to prison

Former prime-minister Adrian Nastase has been sentenced to two years in prison. It’s the final decision of the judges at the end of a a trial closely watched by the Romanian public opinion and the EU.  A symbol of corruption in Romania, the former PM is found guilt of illegally raising funds  funds from the state bodies during his presidential campaign in 2004.
He was convicted for 2 years, but made an appeal. It’s the first time since the fall of Ceausescu in 1989 that a former prime minister has been sentenced to prison.

Nastase’s trial is coming to an end during a complicated period in Romanian politics: his party coalition, USL (social democrats + liberals), rules the Government, while his former protégé, the USL President Victor Ponta, is the new prime-minister. After the USL took over the Government in May, a Governmental body that had been involved in the trial tried to retreat the accusations against Adrian Nastase.


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