Hillary Swank, “incognito” in Bucharest

In April, Mickey Rourke said he would build a shelter for the stray dogs in Romania and adopted one. Last week, Hillary Swank came to Bucharest to help stray dogs. While Rourke said we would donate 250,000 USD for the shelter, Hillary Swank visited projects set up by the animal welfare foundation Vier Pfoten that encourage interaction between stray dogs and institutionalized people, according to AP.
Romania’s capital Bucharest is known as one of the cities of the stray dogs: there are over 50,000 here. Their fate is a matter of national debate: should they be put down, put in shelters or just sterilized?

The Parliament voted to euthanize the thousands of stray dogs, but the Constitutional Court rejected the law.

More about this story:

AP: Actress Hilary Swank helps Bucharest stray dogs

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