The Romanian President’s impeachment

Romania seems to be a hotspot for the international media, because of the politics. The Romanian President Traian Basescu is suspended.  The Parliament approved suspending the President in an impeachment vote Friday.  According to an opinion poll, Traian Basescu will probably be impeached in the referendum on July 29. The impeachment procedures brought criticism from the US and EU, worried about democracy and rule of law.

  • Deutsche Welle:” Romania’s parliament has impeached President Basescu. For his opponent, Prime Minister Ponta, this is a major victory. But the European Union is worried about democracy and the rule of law in Romania”. The article is here
  • “Vote to Impeach President Adds to Turmoil in Romania”, according to New York Times . “In a statement on Friday, the European Commission said it was “concerned about current developments in Romania,” in particular the moves to reduce the power of independent institutions like the Constitutional Court.”

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