Controversial Lady Gaga’s concerts

Orthodox protests against Lady Gaga’s concerts in Romania and Bulgaria. The megastar arrived in Sofia, the starting point of her European tour. She will perform in Sofia on August 14. Two days later, she will perform in a Bucharest plaza, located right in front of the former Ceausescu’s Palace and in an area very close to the next Romanian Orthodox Cathedral. Lady Gaga was criticized by orthodox both in Romania and Bulgaria, because of her extravagant appearance, being accused “she is disciple of Satan” and she delivers homosexual messages”.

Lady Gaga in Bulgaria. Photo:

In Bulgaria, the leaders of the Orthodox Church protested against Lady Gaga’s concert in Sofia. “What is sinful must not be promoted,” Znepole Bishop Yoan, who is a vicar of the Sofia metropolitan, declared, referring to Lady Gaga‘s performances and “the homosexual messages” of her songs.

In Romania, newspapers show pictures of Lady Gaga:

Gigi Becali, a member of the European Parliament, told a TV station that “’Good Christians’ must boycott Lady Gaga’s concerts because she is a ‘disciple of Satan’, according to Daily Mail. Three thousands Romanians signed an online petition against Lady Gaga’s performance in Bucharest, on August 16. Lady Gaga invited her fans of all ages to wear the most extravagant costumes they have.

Both Romania and Bulgaria are traditional orthodox countries. Almost 60% of the Bulgarians are orthodox and  87% of the Romanians are members of the Orthodox Church.

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