Ceausescu’s Palace makes half a milion Euros per year

Foto: adevarul.ro

Casa Poporului, former dictator Nicolae Ceausescu palace in Bucharest, Romania, makes 500,000 Euros profit per year from visitors, according to Romanian daily Adevarul. Most tourists are from Japan, Israel, USA, Spain, Portugal and China. The cost of one ticket is 25-40 RON (5.5-9 Euros).

BASESCU, BACK IN BUSINESS/ “Romanian President returns to office”. Traian Basescu is “back in business” after invalid referendum and 52 days spent out of office. More on Romania-insider.com.

TOILETS MAP/ Only 61 % of the Romanian houses have bathrooms with toilets and water inside; 39% of the toilets are located outside, in the yards. EU average: only 5% of the houses don’t have toilets, according to Hotnews.ro.



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