TV show man in politics (VIDEO)

Diaconescu (white suit) during his TV show. The guest grabbed him and pushed him into a rubbish cart

The TV showman and party leader Dan Diaconescu has won a tender to purchase a big Romanian chemical holding, Oltchim Ramnicu Valcea, in  a move considered by some analysts just a political trick before the Parliamentary elections scheduled in the end of 2012. Helped by his notoriety and a totally different speech than other politicians, Diaconescu seems to speculate a huge gap created between the politicians and the Romanian people and can lead his party to a high score in the next elections.

Diaconescu, the owner of a tabloid TV network and president of the political party PP-DD, has presented the best offer to buy Oltchim from the Government, during the privatization process of the chemical factory, but many observers think he’s not going to pay the amount, but just trying  to show he is the “savior of the Romanians”, a nation”considered among the poorest in the EU. The factory has 500 mil Euros debts and stopped paying the salaries to thousands of its workers.

Speculating the political crises and lack of choices

Diaconescu’s party is expected to become a jolly-joker in the next Parliamentary elections at the end of this year. According to some polls, PP-DD would get 20%, less than the USL (governmental coalition), but more than PDL, the 2nd political coalition of the country. The two coalitions were in the mid of a political crises in the last months, when the USL suspended the President Traian Basescu (PDL), but Basescu kept his position after a referendum.

Many Romanians believe the two strongest political parties (USL and PDL) are not capable to lead the country. According to a poll, more than 50% of the Romanians say they don’t want to vote for any of the two strongest political parties.

Many important politicians, including President Basescu and the leaders of USL, attended the Diaconescu’s talk-shows. Diaconescu seems to be a brilliant interview-partner and a charmful politician, but, analysts warned, he has no experience and his promises can be considered “demagogy”.

Making millions of tabloid TV show about a crime

Diaconescu has become popular due to his night TV show at the tabloid network OTV. For years, he kept people in front of the TV covering, day by day, during talk shows,  the mysterious dissappearance of a Romanian lawyer, Elodia Ghinescu. He got huge audiences and 2 mil. Euros from advertising, for this series.

His fortune is 26 mil Euros; he has properties in Romania, Miami and Cannes, several expensive cars- including a Bentley and a Rolls-Royce-, a helicopter, a small jet.

Diaconescu is portrayed in a hip-hop song of a Romanian star Puya as one of the TV producers who are promoting “low quality TV” and a tabloid culture among Romanian people, a nation ranked the 2nd poorest in the EU and still feeling the recent communist past.


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