Romanian news in English

The foreigners living in Romania can meet a lot of people speaking English, especially young people, but if they need reliable online sources of information, news websites, quickly updated, is possible  to need some time to find them. Here is a list of news websites that provide news and articles in English:

A daily news website focused on business, but they also cover politics. Also interesting articles, profiles and interviews with expats.

The most important newspaper in English, now online. Focused on politics.

The Romanian public news agency, updated regularly.

Not updated lately. Last news uploaded is from the end of August 2012.

Also the most recent news uploaded in the end of August, more than one month ago.

 Business news

  The most important business newspaper, online version in English. 2 weeks free trial and then a paywall.

Romania’s business news in English.


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    Time to waste some time on the net lolz. Thanks
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