Over 200 people working for the Romanian state railway company are involved in the biggest network of bribes discovered ever in this field by the prosecutors. They took bribes (total: 30 mil EUR/year) and allow, in exchange, people to travel by the trains without buying train tickets.  They were hiding the bribes using the shops in the railway station, owned by their relatives. The network was spread at national level and includes part of bribes sent to all levels of the state companies, for protection.

It is reported that the bribes’ network is one of the causes of the hundreds of million of Euros losses registered at the CFR (Romanian state railway company), that made the authorities to fire thousands of workers in the last years.

Traveling without train ticket is traditional among Romanians since Ceausescu’s times, especially among people in the country side that needed to travel every day by rain to go to work from their villages to the cities in the area. The train controllers are nicknamed “Nasi” (Godfathers, in English) and some of them make around 250 Euros/1 travel, according to prosecutors’ investigation.


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