12/21/2012 Secret bunker in the Carpathians

Cornel Zamfirescu, a Romanian engineer has a several meters underground “secret” bunker in a forest in the Carpathian (Apuseni) Mountains. He built it up to be safe after the so-called Apocalypse (Maya -12/21/2012).

He digged a big hole in the ground and then made a tunnel, protected, that ends in the main place of the shelter. It’s not a simple shelter but a safe place several meters underground with a lot of devices for electricity, water, heat,air, gas detection, protection against chemical disasters, toilet. The walls are not thin: 40 cm and they were built with the help of specialists. He preserved also some food supplies.

The idea is to create a place that can be run independently and assure his survival several years, no matter what happens in the exterior world. The number of people who can stay in the bunker: 18.

Zamfirescu read about solar storm events on the NASA websites and beliefs such an event would create a global energy crises, that will last between 6 month and 2 years. He then convinced his mother, Lucretia Zamfirescu, a simple villager, that the end of the world is coming and they have to be ready and survive.


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