Romanian workers back home from Europe

Facing economic crises in EU countries like Spain or Italy, some Romanian workers decide to come home. But what they do find here, in Romania? For some of them, less money than in EU countries and also, a lot of disappointment: it’s not only about politicians, but also about regular people. Generally speaking, their life here seems to be more depressing than they expected to be. It’s the case of Daniel Faur and Dan Gheorghe, two Romanian specialists repatriated from Spain, and now working at the Bucharest subway construction site, for a …Spanish company. Here is their story:

VIDEO STORY ARTE (Dec. 2012): ” Difficile retour au pays”

  • Other info: Millions of Romanians work in EU. According to Romanian media, these people send back home a total ammound of 36 bil. Euros.



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