Latest news on Romania

New bridge Romania-Bulgaria to connect European routes


The new Calafat – Vidin bridge between Romania and Bulgaria is set to open on May 9, according to Bulgaria’s Prime Minister Boyko Borisov. The project is jointly funded by the Romanian and Bulgarian states and the EU. The project budget for the Bulgarian side is a little over EUR 225 million, while the Romanian side of the bridge has a EUR 48 million budget.

Attack on two Romanians in UK

Two young Romanian men have been beaten up in what the Police think it was a racially motivated attack in UK town Brighton. The two suspects in the incident reportedly asked the 21 and 27-year old Romanians about their nationality before attacking them. Read more here.

 Romanian drunk pilot, detained in Heathrow

A Romanian pilot was found drunk in Heathrow Airport, London. He wanted to drive the plane from London to Bucharest, but he was arrested by Police. Later he was released and sent to Romania. He will be in a British Court in Feb 19.

Romanian controversy over church financing

While some NGOs advocate the financing of some church activities from tax payers’ money, others urge Parliament to stop public financing of churches because it is too costly. Main church in Romania is Orthodox, over 80% of the Romanians being Orthodox. Lately, a 600 mil Euros to build an Orthodox Cathedral in Bucharest, Romania’s capital, with the Government’s support, has created new controversies among Romanians. Read more here.

 TIME magazine on “Why don’t you come over?”

A Romanian newspaper has struck back with its own take on the anti-immigration campaign the British government has reportedly planned to prevent an expected surge of newcomers to the U.K. The newspaper Gandul launched a spoof campaign targeted at Britons on Friday under the tagline: “We may not like Britain, but you will love Romania.” Read more here.

 UEFA.COM: CFR and Steaua warm Romanian hearts

‘UEFantastic’ could again be the buzzword of the spring in Romania, with FC Steaua Bucureşti and CFR 1907 Cluj aiming to do their nation proud in the round of 32. Two Romanian sides with differing football philosophies seek to bring back the glory days of 2005/06 as the UEFA Europa League round of 32 gets under way. Read More on

Sources: Romania-Insider, Nine o’clock, Time,


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