European horsemeat scandal

The British bought horsemeat instead of beef, that should be contained in the Lasagna packages sold in the markets. According to the UK authorities, the meat came from France, but the French companies involved say they didn’t now it was horsemeat,  blaming the producer based in Romania. All the countries started inquiries. Romanian agency said is checking 25 abattoirs, but can say nothing until receive transportation and other documents from French counterparts. The question authorities from these countries need to answer is if the meat was sold as “beef”, instead of “horsemeat” at the gates of the Romanian abbatoir or the French producer changed the label even if they know it’s not beef, but horsemeat. Anyway, sources in UK and Romania said the retailers should do their own tests before selling products to people.

Read More here:

 The Guardian: Horsemeat scandal: responsibility ‘lies with retailers’

 CNN: Meat industry under scrutiny as horsemeat scandal spreads

NY Times: Hungry Enough to Eat a Horse?



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