“Ceausescu tour”

ceausescu-hunting Hunting party. Ceausescu and his wife Elena

Known mostly as “Dracula’s country”, Romania tries now to attract interest in “dictatorship tourism” and to package travel to emblematic places for the former Romanian communist dictator Nicolae Ceausescu.

According to Historia magazine, the Government said would try to attract tourist in places like former prison of Brasov city, where Ceausescu was imprisoned in 1936. Other places in Brasov, located in a beautiful mountain area, are the chalets used by Ceausescu for hunting parties (Ceausescu was known as the most famous Romanian hunter of the XXth century).

It’s not the first time Romanian officials announce this approach. Other place that could be interesting for the Ceausescu story is “Casa Poporului” (Ceausescu Palace/ Palace of Parliament) in Bucharest, already the most visited touristic place in Bucharest, but also the balcony, where Ceausescu spoke for the last time to the Romanian people, located in the downtown Bucharest. On the roof of the building, a helicopter took Ceausescu and his wife and let them escape from the building under siege of te revolutionary people, in December 1989.


Photo: Gandul


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