Saving horses

While Romania is a horse meat exporter and was mentioned in the recent European horse meat scandal, several Romanians are trying to rescue horses from being sent to abbatoir. Associated Press covers a story viewed from a different angle.


Photo: AP/

The name of his farm translates roughly as “Saving Horses from Wolves.” But for Simion Craciun, the real predators are from the nearby slaughterhouse. When word has gotten to him that a horse is being sold to the abattoir in the poor northern Transylvania region where he lives, he has rushed out to offer more money and bring the creature back to his picturesque plot where tourists come for riding lessons, he said. READ MORE HERE.

  • Apart from the AP story, there are also several other stories of the Romanians saving horses. In 2011, several dozens of wild horses in the Danube Delta were saved by the volunteers and NGOs. The story had an extensive media coverage.



Shelters for horses can be found in Romania. One of them is in the Romanian capital Bucharest and here can be seen 15 horses abandoned by villagers. The NGO Vier Photen has also a shelter in the area of the Romanian Capital.

  •  But there are other traditional places in Romania where people cannot afford to keep all the horses. According to Romanian media, 11 horses (old or sick) were sent to abattoir in the end of January, from the former biggest herd of horses in Balkans, located at the Black Sea city of Mangalia.




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