Latest news: “Horsebeef” scandal

  • “HORSEBEEF” SCANDAL. Horsemeat labeled as beef has been found in Romania in products set to be sold locally, an agriculture ministry official said on Wednesday. Read more, here.
  • ROMA. With the tide of Bulgarians and Romanians flooding Germany showing no signs of abating, officials in Berlin have called on the two countries to stem the exodus by boosting efforts to integrate Roma into their own societies. Poverty migration, they argue, must be combatted at the source. More, here.
  • HUMAN EGG TRAFFICKING.Detained Israelis released to hotel. Prof. Raphael Ron-El, laboratory technician Dafna Komarovsky arrested on suspicion of human egg trafficking, sent back to their Bucharest hotel after questioning. Stay of exit order issued against them. More here.
  • DISCOVERY. An impressive archaeological discovery was made by a team of archaeologists led by Professor Florin Drasovean on the the highway section Lugoj – Deva in Romania. The 50 tombs discovered in the village of Păru represent the largest necropolis of the Bronze Age found in Romania until now. Specific pottery and stone grinders used in funerary ritual, hundreds of homes in the thirteenth century BC were also discovered by archaeologists. More here . 
  • Mechel sells Romania mills for symbolic 70 USD.  Russian metals and mining giant Mechel has sold all five of its metals factories in Romania for a symbolic price of 230 Romanian leus ($70), Mechel said late on Tuesday. More here.
  • Walmark to sue Romanian government agency over “unjustified” bullying allegations. Walmark says it will take legal action against a Romanian government agency after one of its officials publicly criticised the eastern European supplement giant’s marketing and market share-gaining methods. More here.
  • The Economist: It takes 350 years on average wage to make a million dollars in Romania. Romania probably isn’t the best place to be for anyone who wants to be a millionaire, provided they are paid local salaries. Earning an average Romanian wage, it would take nearly 350 years to reach USD 1 million, according to The Economist. The shortest time is in the USA, where an average income gets to the million dollar mark in around 20 years. More, here.

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