• SUCCESS STORY. Euronews covers the story of an entrepreneur in Timisoara, one of the biggest Romanian cities. “This edition of Business Planet takes us to Timisoara, one of Romania’s three major economic hubs, a very dynamic region virtually devoid of unemployment. Entrepreneurs in the region are not short of ideas on how to develop their businesses. The Prospero bakery is an example.” See more here.
  • HORSECARTS ON THE HIGWAY. Horses on a …highway, in Romania. Footage with two horsecarts were captured by an amateur cameraman, while horses galloping on the Romanian highway to Black Sea. The horses and cars race finished, apparently, with the horses, men and cars safe. This “extreme sport” is naturally forbidden. Romania,a  country with an important rual population, banned the circulation of horsecarts on the national roads and, of course, on the higways.  The Romanian horsecarts were mentioned in the recent scandal of horse meat labbeled as beaf. A French politician wrongly argued that Romanians are sacrificing horse because they are not allowed to use them on the national roads.
  • ROMANIA-UK. The Romanian Prime Minister Victor Ponta has defended his country after a wave of negative reporting about it in the UK and elsewhere in Europe. Why does it have a bad public image?BBC story, here, including a video.
  • LIONS AND BEARS, CONFISCATED FROM GANGSTERS. Police discovered four lions and two bears  in the city of Bucharest, on the property of Romanian gangsters recently arested. According to investigators, is possible the animals were used to threaten rivals. Authorities decided to move the bears to an NGO  “bears’ sanctuary” in  the Carpathian mountains (near the town of Zarnesti), while the lions will be sent to a Zoo. Video, here.

UPDATE: Lions, bears, removed from gangster’s property


Source: SIPA Press


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