Greece finds horse meat from Romania

Greek authorities have found horse meat in the packages labelled as “beef”. The meat (1 tone), taken from a meat supplier in Piraeus, was imported from Romania, according to the Greek news website Later, the Greek media mentioned the meat was found at Zikoudi Vasiliki company, in Piraeus.

Romanian Gov. officials said the scam was definetely made by a trader, who probably changed the labels, according to Romanian media.

UPDATE: Romanian Minister of Agriculture denied any intermediary was involved. The company that exported the meat is called Maria Trading and is based in Southern Romania, Calarasi county, Romanian news network Digi 24 announced.

  • A day earlier, another Greek newswebsite announced 13 tones of meat from Romania were seized in Piraeus. According to, health officials on Monday announced they were carrying out DNA tests on 13 tonnes of Romanian meat seized in Piraeus.
  • Romania came into spotlight in the Spanghero scandal, but the evidences revealed the Romanian producers were clean. In the meantime, on the local market, Romanian authorities found a small quantity of horse meat labelled as beef, but also several cases of horse meat or bones abandoned in various places by unknown abbatoirs.





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