Horse meat scandals

Romanian Government said there was no evidence that a Romanian company was guilty in the new case of horse meat found in Greece last week, according to business news website .

“We have proved that the Romanian company accused by Greece corectly labeled and exported – horse meat and beef. The Greek owner of the Greek company involved is also the owner of two other companies in Bulgaria and one in Athens.  Now I can say all the tests are negative for horse meat, so the Romanian company initially accused is not guilty”, the vicepresident of the veterinary agency ANSVSA, Vlad Manastireanu said.

The Greek company is Zikoudi Vasiliki, according to Greek media.

Romanian Minister of Agriculture, Daniel Constantin, said Romanian was not guilty for any of the three European alerts regarding horse meat- from UK, Germany and Greece, according to Constantin suggested a comercial war has been started on the European market of meat, saying that “some national industries are trying to convince the biggest retailers to avoid importing meat from “specific countries”.

Greece finds horse meat from Romania


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