Football connected to migration row

steaua_chelsea Steaua won the trophy in ’86

Romanian football team Steaua Bucharest will face Chelsea on Thursday in Europa league. In Bucharest, it seems to be a national event, mostly because of spectacular victory of Steaua against Ajax Amsterdam, in the previous Europa League match, but also because of politics.

Last months saw Romanians facing a campaign in UK, led by British tabloids, against immigration of Eastern European citizens, mostly Romanians and Bulgarians, into Britain. As a response to British politicians’ alleged intentions to limit the migration into UK, a Romanian news website launched an advertising campaign called “Why don’t you come over?“, inviting British to come to Romania, that became viral and also turned to be a success  in the mainstream media all over the world.

The news website and its sport branch are now trying to renew the campaign and link it to the Steaua-Chelsea. Some messages can be seen here.

A week earlier, also the Romanian PM Victor Ponta wrote in a column piece for The Times, called “Don’t worry, there’ll be no flood of Romanians”: “Meanwhile, we would be very happy to welcome British people here (…) You could start on March 7, when Chelsea play Steaua.”


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