There is no mass immigration of Roma

The German media is criticizing the prejudices against the Romanians, Bulgarians, and particularly the Roma of these two countries, according to European media portal The articles come as reactions to some remarks made by German Government officials.

  • The Tabloid Bild in an article called “Six truths about Roma in Germany”: “80 per cent of immigrants from Bulgaria and Romania have found a regular job” and there is “no mass immigration” of Roma into Germany.
  • Die Tageszeitung: Romanians and Bulgarians with training come here to work. […]. The fact is, though, that not all of them do find a job. To refer to a ‘Roma Express’ […] is a vicious innuendo that is far from accidental. […] The readiness to see one’s own wellbeing under constant threat is a typical German sensitivity. […] Sometimes it’s threatened by the Greeks, sometimes by asylum seekers – but no one fits the bill as well as the Roma. No other group raises as many negative associations, and the Union [of Christian Democrats] has done everything to keep it that way.



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