Latest: Facebook is “public domain” in Romania

  •  Facebook is considered  “public domain”, a Romanian court has decided. The judges had to rule an appeal made by a local Governmental official against a previous court decision. In 2012, the official posted on his Facebook page a Nazi slogan- “Arbeit macht frei” (“Labour makes you free”), as a response to a series of demonstrations against the Government. When a state body sanctioned the official for using the slogan, he made an appeal saying that “Facebook is a private space”. In the end, the Court said  Facebook pages cannot be considered “private space”, because anybody from the friends list can diseminate the posts, a fact that had been known by the Gov. official.
  • The British Minister for Europe David Lidington will pay a two day visit to Bucharest. He will arrive on Tuesday, March 12, to discuss the migration issues. “People in the UK, like in many other parts of Europe, want to be reassured that the benefits of freedom of movement for workers will not be threatened by abuses, such as people moving not to work but to access benefits and services in another Member State. That’s a general concern, not specific to particular countries or nationalities, and we need to address it with partners across Europe,” said the British Ambassador to Romania Martin Harris, according to
  • Migration from Romania and Bulgaria benefits EU member states. These migrants often fill jobs that native citizens do not want to do, such as seasonal work, and many are skilled workers – says think-tank. More on
  • Transylvania re-annexation to Hungary, “a non sense”. Hungarian Foreign Minister Janos Martonyi said in an inteview for Romanian Tv network that “the idea of Transylvania’s re-annexation to Hungary is total nonsense” . “This is such a nonsense that I am unwilling to react to it,” Martonyi said, commenting on Romanian fears that, by supporting autonomy endeavours, Hungary would like to retake Transylvania, according to  On Sunday, thousands of ethnic Hungarians have demonstrated in the central Romanian city of Targu Mures, calling on the government of Romania to grant regional autonomy to the Szekler Land.
  • Romania might lose EUR 4 bln investments in “green energy”. Officials of the Romanian Photovoltaic Industry Association (RPIA) warned that if the government modifies the support scheme for the production of renewable industry investors will no longer bring to the country the sum of EUR 4 bln, which “is waiting at the border,” Mediafax reports, according to

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