Republic of Moldova and the last communists

banner_topmd2Source: PCRM website

Republic of Moldova’s Party of Communists, probably the last strong communist party in Europe, is struggling to keep their symbols, especially the famous hammer and sickle. The communist symbols have been banned in the former soviet Republic in 2012, but the party has decided to fight for them. A double victory for the communists in the beginning of March: the Venice Commission said banning their symbols is not legal, and, most important, the communists MPs succeeded to dismiss the pro-European Government in Parliament.

The Party, simply known as PCRM, proclaimed itself as “lawful successor and heir of the Communist Party of [Soviet] Moldavia both in terms of ideas and traditions”. They dominated the politics in the small republic situated between Romania and Ukraine until 2009, when a pro-european alliance, Alliance for European Integration, succeed to form a Government. The government was dismissed several weeks ago by the communists MPs.

In 2012, a new law enforced has statued the communists regime was illegal and their symbols have become illegal. But the communists rejected it. Venice Commission, an international consultative body, said, in March 2013, that forbidding the symbols is not a constitutional decision. So the PCRM MPs requested, in the Parliament, that the law should be cancelled. “ Don’t believe that you will be back in power. People decide, not your hammer and sickle”, a pro-european Mp told communists in a Parliament session, according to

Republic of Moldova, one of the poorest countries in Europe, was a Romanian province, but later it became part of USSR. After disintegration of Soviet Union, the independent Republic faced a civil war and lost the Transdniestr region, where are still located Russian troops. Republic of Moldova has developed close relations with EU and hopes to become EU member one day.


France’s Communist party has undergone a revolution and dropped the hammer and sickle from its membership cards. The party (PCF) is replacing the communist emblem of peasants and the proletariat with a five-pointed star representing the European Left. More, here.


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