Growing tensions between Romanians and Hungarians

A Romanian ninth grader in Covasna county who wore a headband displaying the Romanian flag colors on the National Day of Hungarians and several sports supporters having burned Hungary’s flag during a match recently re-ignited the flame between Romania and neighbor Hungary. The two incidents came soon after the unofficial flag issue of the Secuiesc region, or Székely Land, where a Hungarian minority lives, which also made headlines and triggered high level reactions, according to

According to Romanian media, a Hungarian football hooligan was pictured in an aggresive position, having an axe in his hand, while the photo has the inscription: “We will behead you!”, together with the details of the football match scheduled Friday evening. The match in Budapest (Hungary national team vs. Romania national team) will be played without spectators, because the team of Hungary was suspended because of the anti-semitic slogans of the Hungarian ultras.

This tension is also felt in the politics, between the two governments. After Romanian PM Victor Ponta said  that the letter from the four EU member states asking for a safeguard mechanism for democratic values was referring to Hungary and not Romania, the the Hungarian Foreign Affairs Ministry called in the Romanian Ambassador to Budapest and asked for explanations.


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