News report

  • Romanian President Traian Basescu will form a new political movement. After a leadership row divided his centre-right party, Liberal Democrat Party (PDL), Basescu said in a video posted on Facebook that he would dedicate himself  “to building another solution for the right wing, with honest people…”. Basescu led the party until 2004, when he has become President; the party led the country for 8 years before the December 2012.  The party could be divided in two wings by the President’s announcement, while some leaders of the USL, ruling coalition, said Basescu could face a new procedure of suspension, because he directly interfered in PDL, and this represents an “anticonstitutional action for a President”.
  • A big German carmaker will likely open a production plant in Romania, Prime Minister Victor Ponta said, without revealing the name. “A few days ago at a government meeting, we … have approved a memorandum of understanding with one of the biggest and most prestigious companies in Germany, which will open a plant in Romania,” Ponta told private television station Antena 3.

BMW, Audi and Mercedes have been interested in open a production plant in Romania, according to press reports in the recent years. But Audi and BMW have already opened production sites in neighbouring Hungary.  Lately, BMW has showed interest in opening a factory near the city of Lugoj, Western Romania, local officials said in 2012.

  • Former workers of mobile phone producer Nokia in Romania and Finland are to receive EUR 8.2 million in European funding to help them after being made redundant. Nokia closed down its factory in Romania, moving production to Asia, and money from the European Globalisation adjustment Fund (EGF) will go to 1,416 Romanian workers who lost their jobs as a result, according to
  • European Commission could open the infringement procedure against Romania because of the conditions of the animals in the zoo. EC bodies asks authorities to send information to Brussels especially about an elephant, Tania, living in the Tg Mures city zoo, and the big felines in the Craiova zoo.

A Facebook page called Free Tania asks authorities to free the elephant, saying : “Tania is behind bars and alone. The ball is her only companion. She is at a zoo which does not know how to care for her.”  Last year, two brown bears in Romania have been rescued from a zoo where conditions did not meet European Union animal safety standards and have been transferred to a sanctuary where they were released.

VIDEO – Bad conditions for Tanya:


  • Romanian newspaper Adevarul is publishing a large story about the fall of the Romanian industry and the ruins of the former communist factories  in several Romanian regions. According to the article, millions of people used to work in such factories, but now there is nothing there. See photos here.

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