German companies accused of exploiting Romanians

Germany, a country expecting between 100 000 and 180 000 Romanians in Bulgarians to come yearly to the labour market, is accused of dumping with the hiring of Bulgarian and Romanian workers.  Some German companies pay to Eastern Europeans salaries considered very small in Western European countries: EUR 3 – EUR 5 per hour; Belgium announced would file a claim against Germany at the European Commission, according to Belgium newspaper Le Soir.

The immigrants have to work during the night, too, without getting any social or health insurance. “This cannot happen in China, but still it is possible in front of Belgium’s doors, amidst Europe,” the newspaper Le Soir comments, according to Bulgarian media.

  •  This month public opinion in Germany was shocked to hear about 50 subcontracted Romanian workers, hired since last December to build cottage houses for Bostalssee and, reportedly, hardly receiving any money at all, ending in situation when they were not even able to buy basic food. They said that “New Jobs” – the recruitment agency in Bucharest – was offering fixed employments and salaries. But when they arrived in Germany, it appeared that the work is on self-employment basis, which allowed the subcontractor to undercut sectoral minimum wage, pension contribution, holiday and sick pay, and even this money was not paid. Workers reported to have been sleeping in empty flats, with sheets of dryfall to sleep on. This continued for almost 4 months and only with vehement protests of workers the situation started to be adressed. (Source: / See video, here.
  •  Some Eastern Europeans working in Germany are exploited and treated like slaves by some German companies, according to a Deutsche Welle report (October, 2012). In Frankfurt am Main, 13 Romanians received only 1 EUR/hour, altought the recruiting company had promised they would have, each, 1200 Euros/month. German trade unions are supporting the Eastern European workers also when they are not trade union members.
  •  But extreme low salaries in Romania still push a lot of Romanians to go and work in the EU. Several millions have jobs in Italy and Spain, but because of crises, the next destination seems to be Germany. More here.

Other information:

Focus (Bulgaria): 180,000 imigrants from Romania and Bulgaria to come to Germany next year


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