“EU funds for Roma are embezzled”

EU funds for Roma in Romania are embezzled and this will afect a lot of poor Roma in one or two years, a Romanian Gov. official said.  Damian Draghici, a Romanian PM adviser, said that the strategy for integration and development of Roma people is “a joke”, EU money “are stolen”, while the Roma are still living in extreme poverty.

“We have a lot of conferences, studies and advertising materials. The price for such a conference is between 20 000 and 50 000 Euros, while the poor Roma living in poverty have nothing to eat”, Draghici said during a …conference.

“We really have no progress, nothing really changes. Offices has been built and cars were bought with EU funds, but no change in the real life of Roma people”, Draghici added.


UNICEF: 8% of the Romanian children are living in poverty, while the per cent of Roma children is 35.  75% of the Roma children didn’t succeed to finish their primary school.

STUDY: A new study explodes the myth of the nomadic tendencies of Roma people, finding that Roma are no more or less likely to emigrate than anyone else in Romania. Published yesterday (April 22 ), the study, ‘Roma in Romania – from scapegoat to engine for growth’, found that at least one member of 19 percent of households had moved abroad, both for Roma families and everyone else. More on romania-insider.com .


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