Latest news on Romania

  • A new referendum in Romania? According to, Romanian president Traian Basescu has started the procedure to organize a new referendum, where people would again decide on having a single chamber Parliament and a maximum of 300 MPs.
  • Ethnic Hungarians in Romania fear regional reform plans. They say will take to the streets if the government merges Székely-dominated areas into a majority Romanian region in the upcoming reform of public administrative districts, according to
  • USA Energy Information Administration (EIA) estimates the technically recoverable shale gas resources in Romania stand at around 51 trillion cubic feet (1.4 billion cubic meters), enough to cover Romania’s energy needs for the next century, reports Mediafax newswire, quoted in the regional website
  • Second bridge over the Danube. Bulgarian Prime Minister Plamen Oresharski and his Romanian counterpart Viktor Ponta will be among the officials present at the launching ceremony of the second bridge over the river Danube between Bulgaria and Romania on Friday, June 14, (Sofia News Agency) wrote.
  • UEFA has opened disciplinary proceedings against Romanian football team Steaua Bucharest for involvement in match fixing. The governing body of European football has begun proceedings under its admission criteria for European competitions, citing the articles relating to influencing or arranging the outcome of matches, at a national or international level. (

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