“I did not burn the Kunsthal paintings”

“I did not burn the paintings”, Olga Dogaru, the mother suspected she burned famous paintings stolen by his son, Radu Dogaru, from Kunsthal Museum in Rotterdam, told a judge today in Bucharest, according to Mediafax news agency.

Media revealed last week that several month ago,  Olga Dogaru told investigators she burnt 7 paintings in her stove, in a house located in the remote village of Carcaliu, 250 km from the Romanian capital Bucharest.

Olga Dogaru unexpectedly changed her statement. Her lawyer revealed the leader of the thieves, Olga’s son, Radu, proposed Dutch investigators who came to Bucharest to handle them 5 paintings, if he is judged in Netherlands, and not in Romania.

UPDATE. Experts say three paintings were burned.  “We gathered overwhelming evidence that three (of the seven)
paintings were destroyed by fire,” said Gheorghe Niculescu, head of the team from Romania’s National Research Investigation Centre in Physics and Chemistry, which has been examining ashes found in the police investigation.


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