Paintings stolen from Rotterdam burned in a village

The ashes tested by Romanian laboratory come from “at least” 3 paintings, Romanian Museum of History said in a press release. This is the final statement of the experts regarding the case of alleged burning of the 7 paintings stolen from Kunsthal Museum in Rotterdam, by Romanian thieves.

Museum didn’t mention any name of paintings; it’s about “oil on canvas paintings” that were burned, according to the press statement.

Mother of a suspect, Olga Dogaru, initially said she burned the 7 masterpieces in the stove of his house in the remote village of Carcaliu (South-Eastern Romania), but later she denied, in Court, she burned the paintings. According to her lawyer, probably se burned only several pieces, but not the all seven.

The trial for stealing the masterpieces is scheduled on August 13, in Bucharest, while the prosecution in the case of possible destroying of the paintings has not been finished yet.

Three persons (Olga Dogaru’s son and two associates) are in prison for stealing the masterpieces. Also Olga Dogaru is in prison.


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