Referendum to euthanize stray dogs in Bucharest

Bucharest Mayor calls for a referendum to euthanize stray dogs in Romanian Capital. Sorin Oprescu, the Mayor, reacted to the tragic death of a 4 years old boy, killed by stray dogs in a park located in Bucharest.

More than 60 000 stray dogs are on the streets of the Romanian Capital. Thousands of people are bitten every month.

President Traian Basescu asked Government to issue an emergeny decree to solve the problem, saying the current solution of sterilization is inefficent.

NGOs for animal protection reject the solution of euthanization, saying the most efficent is to enforce coherent programs of sterilization.


5 thoughts on “Referendum to euthanize stray dogs in Bucharest

  1. This is obviously a very sad situation. I am well aware of the stray dog situation in Romania living near a shelter housing 5,000, but his blends into insignificance compared to 5,000,000+ on the streets.
    From my experience dogs become aggressive only after being attacked or hurt by humans with stones, sticks, cars or beaten by drunk owners while they are chained up for life. I own a beautiful German/Romanian shepherd stray, which had her ear cut by somebody to make her more aggressive, fortunately, it did not work; she is really lovely, obedient and goes everywhere with my daughter, staying at her side, a lead is never necessary.
    The problem lies with the education of people as the root cause of the problem; many have little idea about animal welfare and animal rights. Chaining up a dog for life is the mentality of many. Also is sterilising a dog and putting them back on the streets to be hit by cars or have their legs run over and broken. There is nothing worse than seeing a dog with a freshly broken leg trying to walk, the look of pain and bewilderment clearly says, “what have I done”, it makes me want to cry just thinking about it.
    The crazy thing is that the standard of car driving in Romania is appalling; drivers can kill and maim people with virtual impunity especially if you have the right connections. Do they have car drivers killed, of course not, one would think a driving licence is a licence to kill and some cash solves many problems. This is so wrong.
    However this is besides the point, clearly something has to be done with regarding the dog situation and the numbers on the streets reduced, but this should be addressed in controlled and dignified way and not as a financial opportunity to take even more tax money from the people.
    However without educating people regarding animal right and welfare little will change in the long run. A glimmer of hope is that the younger generation show more care towards animal, maybe this is because of television.
    Oh yes, a stray that was dumped opposite my house has just given birth to 10 puppies in the ditch. Should I amend the above figure to 5,000,010+ should I take them to the pound and towards certain death, I am already feeding too many, there is no easy solution.

    1. When is something going to be done about the terrible situation these poor dogs are suffering! I have rescued a lovely lad from croatia and i wish i could do more. those bastards that carry out the torture and murder should be bloody strung up and left to die.. we must all keep writing letters and posting pictures and comments regarding this diabolical treatment. all that rubbish about a dog attacking a child is complete bullshit.. AND IT WAS PROVED TO BE WRONG! OMG i get so bloody angry that i would love to go over there and do the same to the bloody torturers and killers. IT HAS TO STOP!!!

      1. Dear Christine O’Neill,
        I want to inform you about several things, just to help you to have a fact-based opinion.
        1. First of all, in Romania at this moment there is no mass-killing of stray dogs.
        2. Romanian Government and NGOs have failed to reduce the number of stray dogs through sterilization. As a consequence, 10 people were killed in the last 9 years in such incidents and tens of thousands were bitten.
        3. The case of Ionut Anghel, 4 years old boy killed in September in Bucharest, is clear. Unfortunately, he was killed by stray dogs in a remote area of a park in Romanian Capital. As a reporter, I found out that there was evidence (medical report) and statements, while the other hyphotesys circulating in the media and social media are not sustained by any evidence or statement of somebody connected directly to the case. It’s a tragedy for the family and you have to realize also that his brother (6 years old) who was also attacked is shocked and go to therapists and blames himself for not saving his brother. This is a trauma that is possible to be for life.
        4. Still, indeed, this is not a reason to kill innocent dogs. Nobody wants that. People are now adopting stray dogs, while Government and NGOs are sending others to shelters. Euthanasia is in the new law a solution applied only when other solutions don’t work. It’s the same in France or USA or in other countries. So, the “civilized” countries are doing the same.

  2. Well said Paul. I have a friend staying with me who is Romanian and we are both heart broken about the latest news stories coming out of Romania about the treatment of stray dogs. I do know of a lot of Romanian’s young and old who are trying to help but it is like putting water into a bucket with a hole in it. You are a country in crisis and you need to promote the good things about Romania but with this and other atrocities it will be like an albatross (a beaten to death one) around your neck.

    1. Thank you Lesley, Brigitte Bardot the film star is partly responsible for the situation being totally out of control today. Previously when the numbers were smaller she created so much emotion when they wanted to deal with the dogs in a similar way to the rest of Western Europe, the situation now has mushroomed out of control.
      Yes, Romania is a beautiful country and the relationship between people generally is warmer than my country the UK, but there is also a dark side. They say that if there is a direct way of doing something here, a Romanian will still weave around the system and try to take advantage.

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