Latest on Rosia Montana

  •  25 miners have blocked themselves protesting against the possible rejection of the gold mine project, local and international media said.
  •  Rosia Montana gold mine controversies are just a part of a „personal war” between Israeli gold and diamonds magnate Benny Steinmetz and the „philantropist” billionaire George Soros, Romanian newspaper Adevarul wrote. Steinmetz is a shareholder at the Romanian gold mine, while Soros is accused he is financing NGOs protesting against the project. Both Steinmetz and Soros are in the business of mineral resources, Adevarul said.

  •  Gabriel Resources (the owner of the gold mine) shares at Toronto stock Exchange move like a „montaigne rousse”, TV station reported. When something happens in Romania with the gold mine controversy, shares in Toronto are moving up or down. Romanian politicians know something about these evolutions, according to analysts, said, presenting these evolutions since 2008.
  •  Romanian NGOs protesting  against gold mine project ask politicians to stop suggesting protests in Bucharest are „orchestrated by foreign agents”.  PM Victor Ponta earlier said: „There are foreign interestes behind the protests in Bucharest”. Politicians, backed by some media, are trying „to undermine the real reasons of tens of thousands people protesting on streets”, 27 NGOs said in a press release, according to
  •  Hollywood actor Woody Harelson supports protests against the gold mine, according to Romanian media:



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