New law will allow euthanization of stray dogs

New law on controlling canine population has been voted in the Romanian Parliament this week. According to lawmakers, stray dogs will be euthanized if nobody adopt them within 14 days.

The referendum called by Bucharest Mayor Office is no longer necessary. New law is not enforced yet, some procedures have to be made after the Parliament’s vote.

NGOs say this new law is „barbaric” and that sterilization of the stray dogs is th solution to control the canine population.

The death of Ionut Anghel (4 years old), killed by a pack of stray dogs early in September, is under prosecutors investigation. Report about new attacks, including one against another kid, came also after the tragic event.

An opinion poll made son after Ionut’s death showed 72% of people in Bucharest  would vote for euthanasia, 19% against. Still, 54% believe euthanasia is the only option, while 43% said there are also other options.


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