“Romanian autumn”?

More than 15 000 Bucharest residents joined, yesterday evening, the biggest street protest seen in Romania in the recent years. They marched the streets of Romanian Capital asking Goverment and Parliament to reject a gold mine project located in Rosia Montana, Western Romania, mainly because of the environmental damages caused by the use of cyanide.

On Sunday, street protests were also in other Romanian cities.

The project is developed by the Canadian based company Gabriel Resources, but many Romanians believe future use of cyanide will damage forever the area were the mine is located. Also the Government is accused of corruption.

The protests have started two weeks ago and are “unprecedented since the 90s”, according to AFP.

“Arab Spring, Turkish summer, Romanian autumn”, read a banner in one of the Bucharest rallies held on University Square. “Rosia Montana has touched a sensitive point because it threatens values that young people believe in: ecology, transparency, the right to be consulted,” Codruta Cernea, a visual artist told AFP.

For Alina Mungiu Pippidi, a professor at The Berlin Hertie School of governance, protesters will “have to think what to do next”, hinting at a possible new party with “an environmentalist and good governance agenda”.


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