Charged with genocide

More than two decades after fall of dictator Nicolae Ceausescu, 34 former commanders of communist prisons are to be charged with genocide.More than 500 000 people were detain in the communist prisons, for their political activities and more than 100 000 persons died.

The new communist elite that took power in the 90s was not interested to solve the problem and nobody has been punished yet for the crimes. Most of the communist guards still alive are now 80s and live with pensions of 1000 Euros/month, an amount three times bigger than those of the former prisoners.

Ion Ficior’s case, former commander of Periprava prison facility, has been presented today during a press conference by IICMER, a Romanian institute investigating crimes of communism. Ficior is acussed of provoking death of 100 persons. IICMER also said they had information about a common grave near Periprava, finding two skeletons until now. The penitenciary does not exist anymore, being renovated and transformed into a 4 stars hotel.

IICMER said their previous attempts to get prosecution of the commanders were rejected by the military prosecutors in 2006-2009.

The first case during this new campaign is Alexandru Visinescu, former commander of prison in Ramnicu Sarat town.


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