“Stray dogs’ euthanasia law is constitutional”

Constitutional Court in Romania has ruled that the law that allows euthanaziation of stray dogs is “constitutional”, Romanian media reported. Several hundreds animal rights activits are protesting against the decision in front of the Court’s building.

New law passed by Parliament says stray dogs catched on the streets will be kept for 14 days in the shelters and if nobody adopt them, they can be euthanazied, but only if there are no funds and places in shelters for the dogs.

Last step in the bureaucratic procedure of the new law is a Presidential decree. Romanian President Traian Basescu said he would issue the decree.

New poll shows over one third of the Romanians (34,7%) believe stray dogs have to be sterilized and placed in shelters, 31,8 % say they should be adopted or euthanized, while 25 % say the solution for stray dogs is euthanasia.


3 thoughts on ““Stray dogs’ euthanasia law is constitutional”

  1. As an American who fell in love with Romania to the point of marrying one of her daughters and becoming a resident, this news really wants to darken my view of the country and people I had such high regard for.

    Had they gone ahead with the referendum and if the people voted fair and square for the euthanasia, that would be one thing – but that they said they were going to have the referendum and then walked it back… that was not cool.

    However I will say that your inclusion of the poll that indicates a sizable portion of the populace disagrees as I disagree, is a big help in helping me not to hate the land and people I fell in love with over ten years ago.

    So I guess I’ll still go out to the terasas and enjoy a tasty Ursus or two and watch the pretty ladies swish by, and try to get tougher like the neighbors.

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