Protests against fracking in Romania

Hundreds of villagers in Eastern Romania opposed to fracking stopped a convoy of Chevron vehicles intending to start test drilling near the Romanian village of Pungesti. Later in the evening, over 2000 people marched the Romanian capital to support the villagers’ action an asked for Romanian PM Victor Ponta resignation.

Ponta is accused because the Government granted Chevron an approval on October 3; while before elections in 2012, Ponta had stated was against drilling for shale gas in Romania. At that moment, the former Governmental party, now in Opposition, released some approval for exploration process.

Villagers and environmentalists are afraid that drilling for shale gas would contaminate ground water and provoke small earthquakes.

Also other protests took place this year against shale gas projects planned by the American energy company in Romania. Chevron has permits prospect in three villages in this part of eastern Romania, and to explore for shale gas on Romania’s Black Sea coast, according to an AFP report.


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