Chevron suspends activities in Romanian village

chevron_village_romaniaUS energy company Chevron suspends its shale gas test drilling activites near a Romanian village after several days of protests in the area, according to a Chevron press release sent to Romanian media, but the villagers believe “this is just a trap”, asking the corporation to cancel the project.  *Photo: Agerpres

Yesterday, villagers in Pungesti refused to allow Chevron workers access on a field to start the test drilling activities, while residents in Romanian Capital Bucharest marched the city to show their support for the villagers.

“Our priority is to conduct our activities safe and responsible to environment, according to the environmental approvals we have already obtained”, press release posted by in Romanian said.

“It’s a trap, the US company just wants us to leave the place “, a villagers told Romanian Tv commenting the US corporation’s announcement.

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