Romanian air base used by US forces

kogalniceanu_US_gandulRomanian air base near the Black Sea will serve as a transit point for US soldiers’ withdrawal from Afghanistan, next year, international media reported. The Kogalniceanu base is located near Constanta, a city located at the Black Sea. US forces used in the past this base for other operations.

The Romania base is critical because beginning next June the U.S. will no longer be able to use the Manas Transit Center in Kyrgyzstan, according to Associated Press.

A Pentagon statement said the two sides “finalized an agreement for Romania to support logistics into and out of Afghanistan, including both personnel and cargo movement.” Further details about the terms of the agreement with Romania were not made publicly available. The United States currently has more than 50,000 troops in Afghanistan, and will need to transfer huge quantities of vehicles and weapons out of the country over the next year to meet the deadline of withdrawing combat forces by the end of 2014, Radio Free Europe reported.



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