Kunsthal paintings handled to an Ukrainean

paintings_kunsthal_dogaru_evzThree Romanian suspects have pleaded guilty in a Romanian court,  for the Kunsthal art theft happened in October last year. Radu Dogaru (the ring leader), Eugen Darie and Alex Mihai Bitu are under trial for stealing 7 paintings from the Rotterdam Museum, among them Monet, Matisse, Picasso and Gauguin.

According to the Romanian news agency Mediafax, taking into account they are pleading gulity, they could receive a punishment reduction.

Radu Dogaru told judge that the paintings were not burned, but were handled by his mother “to an Ukrainean called Vladimir”, Digi 24 TV reported. “Vladimir” has the last known domicile in London, UK, Dogaru added. He added that he used to live together with Vladimir, 6 years ago, in the Capital city of UK.

UPDATE. Dogaru added the name of this person is Vladimir Vladimirenko , living, probably in Amsterdam, while Dogaru’s lawyer, Catalin Dancu, stated that Vladimirenko is a professional boxer.

According to Mediafax news agency, Dogaru’s statement reffered only to 5 paintings.


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