Team of Romanian researchers create artificial blood

Romanian scientists’ tests meant to create artificial blood draw extensive national media coverage, but also some international news.  A team of researchers, locate in the city of Cluj Napoca, said they developed a liquid made of water, salt, albumin and a protein extracted from marine worms. Initial tests made on mice are “encouraging”, the scientist said.  “Romanian scientists have created a blood-like liquid that could be used in surgery or for transfusions in case of accidents”, European TV network Euronews reported. “Romanian scientists create artificial Tru Blood, but not for vampires”, a Washington Times blogger titled, making a connection with the TV series Tru Blood.

  • Euronews covered the story saying in the brief section, showing the researchers in the laboratory.  “The artificial blood contains a protein from sea worms. It has been tested on mice and the team behind the work says the results are encouraging.”, TV network mentioned.
  • In the social communities section, Washington Times published the story having a title linked to the TV fiction series Tru Blood.  Vampires in the TV series are drinking an artificial liquid called Tru Blood.  “Romanian scientists create artificial Tru Blood, but not for vampires”, according to Washington Times.
  • Researchers are planning to continue animal trials and introduce human medical trials in approximately two years to test whether the blood can be used safely on humans. “Tests on humans are a very delicate topic, we need some very serious licenses and they represent an enormous risk,” said Dr. Silaghi-Dumitrescu to The Independent Balkan News Agency.
  • British tabloid’s website Daily Mail also noted: “Up until now, efforts to create artificial blood have failed as the fluid was unable to withstand the chemical and mechanical stresses placed on it. According Dr Silaghi-Dumitrescu, unlike hemoglobin, hemerythrin remains stable when exposed to physical and chemical stress.”

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