UK based companies, top employers in Romania

UKflagThe number of jobs posted by England based companies on Romanian jobs websites is much higher than those posted, together, by companies in Germany, France, Italy and Spain, countries traditionally known as favourite destinations for Romanians looking to work abroad. According to statistics on, in England are more than 7000 jobs available.

Number of jobs available for Romanians in Germany is about 2500, in France – about 1000, in Italy – 1300 and in Spain only 160.

In October, England was among the top countries offering jobs to Romanians, Romanian business news website also reported.

UK and other EU countries will lift working restrictions for Romanians and Bulgarians on January 1st, 2014. Some politicians in countries like UK and Netherlands are rejecting this decision, saying their countries would be „invaded” by Eastern European immigrants. Tabloid media in UK also joins the campaign.

But EU officials warned against populism and defended the EU’s open borders. “Populism and nationalism cannot provide answers to the challenges of our times,”, EU President Herman Van Rompuy said. Rompuy said he understood the concerns EU citizens had over globalisation and the financial crisis but stressed the only solution was economic growth and job creation, not blaming immigrants from other EU countries. “Catchwords like ‘benefit tourism’ and ‘social dumping'” should not be used against immigrants, he said, referring to criticisms often targeted at Romanians and Bulgarians, according to

Media in Romania said months ago, campaign in UK is a sign of “hypocrisy” taking into account that UK based companies are among the biggest employers for Romanians wishing to work abroad. “British hypocrisy: English complain being invaded by Romanians, but they offer them jobs”, Romania Libera newspaper titled in April.



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