Romania paves the road for Chinese PM

China+RomaniaChina and Romania, one of the newest EU countries, are expected to sign multibillion USD deals during Chinese Prime Minister Li Keqiang official visit in Romania, scheduled on Nov 25 to Nov 27. While Romanian authorities speak about “historical” visit, they also literally paving the road for Li Keqiang: workers were filmed when they repaired a troubled road that connect Bucharest to Snagov Palace, a residence near Romanian Capital where a part of the events will take place. Signals from Brussels show that not everybody within EU is happy with Romania, one of the newest European block members, negotiating independently with China, in a moment when EU and Beijing are facing problems with the trade agreements.

200 Chinese businessmen will be in Bucharest in Nov 26 to 29, Romanian financial newspaper Ziarul Financiar reported. They will take part, together with the Gov officials, in the China-Central and Eastern Europe leaders’ meeting.

Romania is ready to sign agreements especially in field of energy, but there are also discussions for highways and agriculture. Total amount of the agreements expected to be sign by Romania and China is 5 bil. USD. Romanian PM Victor Ponta seems more than interested: “I will advise my son to learn Chinese language”.

But EU issued a warning to the member states not to treat separately with China, Romanian media revealed. Financial Times comments the visit: “Mr Li is scheduled to travel to Romania in the coming days for a meeting with central and eastern European heads of government, in a move that has raised eyebrows among Brussels-based diplomats. “That decision certainly has the appearance of a ‘divide and conquer’ strategy that seems calculated to put pressure on Brussels at a time when there are several ongoing trade disputes,” said one European diplomat who asked not to be named.. “

Romania was often seen in the past as a possible entrance for China to Europe market, but after 1989 Revolution in Romania no concrete steps were made regarding big economical agreements.



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