Authorities blamed

A search operation involving hundreds of villagers, rescue teams and members of an offroad club succeeded to save five persons after a plane had an emergency landing in the Romanian mountains, but other two passengers, including the pilot, died, because authorities and emergency services in Romania failed to locate the place of the accident in proper time, Romanian media reported.

Most of the passengers were doctors. Two hundred people were involved in the searching operation. The place was found, finally, by villagers, more than five hours after the plane crashed. Authorities are investigating why it took so long to locate the exact area and save all the passengers (Apuseni mountains, Alba county).

Severe snow conditions, the geography of the place and also the darkness contributed to an extremely difficult search operations, but still the villagers and media in Romania have doubts the authorities did their best. „We live in Romania, but still…to find these people in 6 or 7 hours…I don’t know. With all this tehnology available today, finally we, the villagers, found them, after making 4-5 km by foot, through snow”, one of the villagers, Gheorghe Giurgiu, told Romanian media.


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