The „Daily Fail”

DailyMail+gandul„Let’s change the story” is the name of a new interactive campaign launched by Romanian newswebsite, in connection with the debate in UK on Romanian workers who work in Britain. Newswebsite’s  reporters found that the British tabloid Daily Mail (DM) published in December last year false information about the so-called “invasion” of Romanians and Bulgarians.

Investigative report posted by shows 60% of the information published by DM about buses and flights to UK, that were meant to back the theory that a big number of Romanians and Bulgarians were ready to reach UK before lifting working restrictions on Jan1, 2014, were false.

DM told “Our journalists did the research in Sofia and Bucharest and were helped by local journalists and translators. We published what they were told”.

But Romanian reporters and the British journalist Jon Danzig spoke to some of the DM sources and also checked some of the information taken by DM from the internet and concluded that the article contained a lot of false info.

The article exposing the false information was tagged “Daily Fail”, while the new campaign launched by the Romanian website starts ironically: “The Daily Mail arrests ten time more Romanians than Scotland Yard”.

British Government criticized the use of false information, while the Press Complaints Commission has opened an investigation.

Working restrictions for Romanians and Bulgarians in UK and other EU countries have been lifted on January 1, 2014, but despite tabloids’ and some politicians’ campaigns, the East Europeans are not invading Britain. First flight from Romania to London saw only a Romanian worker, while the rest in the plane were workers who already work in UK, so they came back from  holiday spent in Romania.


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