Northern Europe, confronted with Roma migration

Roma_NorwayNorway, one of the European countries affected by migration of Roma population from Eastern Europe, will send funds to Romania, to help integrate Roma in the region of Buzau, local media in Romania reported. Money (900 000 EUR) are offered by Mayorial Office in Oslo, the Norwegian city most affected by waves of migration from Romania.

“There are many Roma from Buzau in Oslo. We want to help them to develop themselves as a community in Romania”, Anna Hossess, an Oslo Mayor Office representative stated.

Sweden, another European Northern country is dealing with the issue: Stockhokm Government has asked the Romanian authorities to use EU funds to improve Roma life conditions in Romania. A Swedish official said the Goverment was “worried” because Romania not using the European Union resources.

But Romanian Ambassador in Sweden, Raduta Matache, asked Stockholm to introduce a ban on begging, saying that now the permisive laws encourage Roma population to set camps in the outskirts of the Swedish cities and live from begging.



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