Romania’s ruling coalition breaks up. What’s next?

Romania’s ruling coalition, USL (The Social Liberal Union) has been dissolved after the Liberal Party left the alliance and their ministers announced their retirement from the Romanian Government. This is an end of a political crises started when the liberals tried to appoint Mr. Klaus Iohannis, the deputy leader of the party, as no. 2 in the USL Government.

The USL was formed two years ago as an alliance between the liberals, the Social Democratic Party and the Conservative Party. While in opposition, the USL focused on criticizing their main political enemy, President Traian Basescu, tryng also to dismiss him several times, without succeed. USL won the Parliamentary elections in December 2012, but the Government led by Mr. Victor Ponta failed to improve the life conditions in Romania.
The end of the USL, an alliance that collected 70% of the votes in 2012, leaves a complicated or even confusing political scene in Romania. Mr. Traian Basescu, the main political character in Romania since 2004, will end its term as a President this year and his former ruling party (PDL) has been divided. The Liberal leader, Crin Antonescu, has been seen for a long time as the future President of Romania after elections will be held this year, but breaking the alliance with social-democrats, the most important party within USL, is suddenly removing him from pole-position in the race for Presidency.

Until then, social-democrats are looking for majority to create a new Government, which will probably been formed helped by smaller parties having seats in Parliament, including UDMR, the Hungarian minority party.


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