Houses in Romania: “Capitol Hill”


A house  under construction in North-West of Romania.

Romania has seen after fall of communism in ’89 a change in arhitecture. Part of the change are some houses built, especially in villages, imitating various constructions in West (an entrepreneur in the 90s built his own “Dallas” ranch-the construction from the TV series) or, simply, having as only purpose to show their new prosperity. Many of them have been built by people who made money in Europe. “Kitsch” is the word often used in connection to these constructions. The common perception is that most of them are built by Roma, so they are called “Gypsy palaces”. One of the famous village is Buzescu, in southern Romania, subject of a series of photos in National Geographic magazine. But there are also other villages that are not Roma villages, for instance in Northern that are part of the trend, in the area known as “Certeze”, show in the photo project “Pride and concrete”.

Photo: Calin Cosmaciuc


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