Free to travel without visas in EU

unimediaCitizens of Republic of Moldova will be allowed to travel without visas in European Union. According to Romanian PM Victor Ponta, this decision would be applied around the date May, 25, this year.  Lifting visas regime means the citizens of Republic of Moldova will be allowed to spend 90 days in EU during a period of 6 months, without being necessary to present a EU visa.

European Parliament voted for the decision at the end of February this year, part of a larger programme backing European integration of Republic of Moldova. Eu agreement has been signed last year. Crisis Russia-Ukraine-Crimea is believed to raise the strategic importance of Republic of Moldova in the region.

Lifting visas doesn’t mean citizens of Republic of Moldova have the rights to work in EU. But according to statistics, a lot of them are already in EU. Official figures show 700 000 people are working abroad, more than half in EU, and the rest mostly in Russia. Migration to EU is helped by the fact that more than 250 000 moldavians have the Romanian citizenship, EU member.

Republic of Moldova is considered one of the poorest or even the poorest country in Europe, with more than half of the families having a monthly income of only 200 Euros.

Photo: unimedia/youtube


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