Survey: 66% of the Romanians would vote for Ceausescu

Daily life during communism. Photo:
Daily life scene during communism. Photo:

More than two thirds of the Romanians believe “their lives are now worse than before 1989”, when Romania was ruled by the communist dictator Nicolae Ceausescu,  according to the newest opinion poll, newswebsite reported. The poll shows also  66% would vote for Nicolae Ceausescu in Presidential elections. Ceausescu was executed in 1989.

The percent of  “Ceausescu’s potential voters” is higher than in 2010, when it was 41%.

Sociologists believe it is not surprising saying the answers reflect, in fact, the extremely critical atitude to the lack of performance of the Romania’s leaders after 1989; while the number of authentic nostalgic Romanians is much smaller, no more than 25% of the population, according to sociologist Vasile Dancu, representative of IRES, the institute that made the new poll.

The main reason for nostalgia is the nowadays jobs are not secure, while before 1989, they were (23%).   But also, true that in a smaller proportion, lack of freedom during communism was criticized by the poll respondents. Romania is going to the wrong direction, also stated 73% of the Romanians.


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